For people who love their plants

Anthophile Organic Fertilizer conditions the soil so your plants can grow stronger roots, and bigger buds. Gives your plants a super boost of health from germination to harvest.

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  • All-Natural root protection

    Agriculture blend created to restore, nurture and protect root systems. Our fertilizer protects our oceans, waterways and lakes by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.GROWTH STIMULANT: Creates root durability, increased nutrient uptake and growth stimulants.

  • Growth and vitality

    Capable of transforming atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen, a necessary building block responsible for growth and vitality.IMPROVES SOIL: Re-establishes nutrients in spent soil and reduces plant stress. Conditions soil, improves aeration and absorption creating the best soil for your plant to thrive

  • Enhances photosynthesis

    Increases chlorophyll production, protects against drought by reducing soil compaction and increases permeability of plant membranes.MINERAL INFUSION: Contains 90 minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, calcium, sulfur and over 50,000 organic compounds along with 5 strains of bacillus species that promote biological activity and plant health.

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